About us
A message from our founder, Dr. Lasith Ranasinghe

Make a Medic is a charitable incorporated organisation that is run by a group of UK-based medical students and junior doctors. We recognise that the theory of medicine is universal, however, the resources available to medical students in less privileged parts of the world are scarce. Our main goal is to run projects that facilitate the education of these medical students so that they are better able to attend to the health needs of their wider community. 

We produce medical educational resources and run courses at affordable prices for UK medical students, and the proceeds are used to fund medical education initiatives in developing countries. Our previous and ongoing projects include sending a shipment of several hundred textbooks to Sri Lanka, sponsoring a vaccination training programme in Uganda and donating stethoscopes to Kenya and Zambia. 

Learning medicine is tough, but the availability of high quality resources can facilitate a student’s journey towards becoming a competent and confident doctor. By using our resources and attending our courses, students will not only be strengthening their knowledge base and building their confidence, they will also be aiding the development of their contemporaries in other parts of the world. 

Meet the team
Professor Karim Meeran
Prof. Meeran is an incredibly decorated professor of endocrinology with a particularly illustrious career in medical education at Imperial College London. He has always been phenomenally supportive of student initiatives and we are so proud to call him our patron!
Dr. Syra Dhillon
Projects Coordinator
Syra is a keen swimmer and traveller who researches global health issues and comes up with amazing projects that we run in low and middle income countries.
Anchit Chandran
Anchit is the business and mathematical mind of Make a Medic. When he’s not scoring goals on the hockey pitch, he’s scoring sponsorship deals for us.
Aleksandra Dunin-Borkowska
Social Media Manager
Aleks is a talented artist and graphic designer who is applying these skills to boost our social media presence.
Seb Mitchell
Sponsorship Officer
When Seb isn’t scoring sponsorship deals for Make a Medic, he is scoring tries on the rugby pitch or performing on stage in the latest musical!
Angharad Price
Grassroots Content Developer
Angharad is so passionate about widening participation that she studied it in her BSc! She applies her specialist knowledge to provide an evidence base to our Grassroots activities.
Dr. Suliman Ali
Grassroots Events Coordinator
New doc on the block, Suli, enhances his ability to relate to others and widen participation by spending his free time learning about other cultures and their histories.