N’gandu Community Project

• N’gandu, Zambia •
• 2023 •
• In Partnership with The Butterfly Tree •

The Issue

N’gandu village has high rates of HIV and has subsequently led to a large number of children being orphaned. High rates of HIV and teenage pregnancy lead to school absenteeism and dropout. The local primary school of 556 students is heavily under-resourced. Some children walk 7 km each day to get to school for a 7am start, and can spend the day without food until they get home again in the early evening. Due to underfunding, children can share one maths textbook between a class of 60. They fear maths and therefore hide from the subject, leading to low exam pass rates.

The Project

We have built 4 sturdy houses for vulnerable families or orphans, using local builders and thatchers. We have funded 10 HIV prevention workshops with peer educators, reaching 450 young people at risk of HIV, teenage pregnancy and school dropout. We have also funded, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, 2 mother to child workshops, discussing health promotion and combating misinformation to 120 mothers. Lastly, having discussed with the teachers about learner needs, we have funded sufficient maths textbooks so two students can share one book, as well as interactive packs for the younger grades to learn maths in an enticing way.

The Outcome

We will be evaluating the impact of this project in 2024.

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